Career Coaching

Performance CoachingYou don’t have to leave your home or office to talk to her!

On a scale of 1 to 10, just how happy are you with the work you’re doing now? If you didn’t choose 8, 9 or 10, then we need to talk ASAP. Are you aware that career stress and dissatisfaction are the number one health problem for working adults?

And if you’ve been away and are returning to the paid workforce, how eager are you to keep on doing what you were doing? How will you decide whether you need more education or different kinds of experience to be marketable in the same field or a new one?

Have you sent out way too many resumes for the disappointing results you’re getting? Or get interviews but never call-backs? Maybe you need to have an expert help you with customizing your cover letters and resumes or polishing your interviewing skills.

Or what if you’re about to leave or retire from your current job but want to keep working—how will you decide where and how to look for something new, or perhaps whether to do something on your own, either full or part-time?

Don’t you want to talk with someone who has helped thousands of people navigate terrains like these and get someplace they really want to go?

Barbara Reinhold is the career coach for the entire family—from stuck college students and recent alums to job-seeking retirees—with the unique ability to understand quickly who you really are. What consistently sets her apart from the competition is her experienced listening abilities and her in-depth knowledge of so many kinds of work and workplaces.

Barbara works with career clients in a totally-individualized format, with no required contracts, numbers of sessions etc. It all depends on what you need, which she can help you figure out like no one else!