About Barbara

You don’t have to leave your home or office to talk to her!

Higher Education Careers

Dr. Barbara Reinhold has spent the last twenty-five years helping individuals and organizations alike figure out how to keep people developing their potential, making a difference and loving their work—to everyones’s advantage!

Barbara received her doctorate from Northeastern University in Boston, MA, with concentrations in counseling psychology, organizational development and leadership studies. Her first book, Toxic Work: How to Overcome, Stress, Overload and Burnout and Revitalize Your Career, which was printed in six languages, provided a groundbreaking application of neuroscience to career dilemmas and decisions.

Life Changing LiteratureHer next book, Free to Succeed: Designing the Life You Want in the New Free Agent Economy, has been especially helpful to people considering working on their own and/or getting started with a new venture. Both books are frequently cited by other coaches and counselors, and her career expert articles from Monster.com are staples in management classrooms and coaching sessions. She has also had her own radio show and has made more than 100 radio and TV appearances, including Good Morning America, CNN, NPR and Public Television.

Barbara Reinhold is not only smart and experienced, but wise, and able to see the real you, even virtually! And she can help you believe in what you want to do.

Barbara also offers a variety of assessments, workbooks, newsletters and webinars and other online events, to augment and underscore her virtual work with people wanting to be successful on their own terms.