Executive Coaching

 You don’t have to leave your home or office to talk to her!

Executive Coaching OnlineFrequently, companies, educational institutions, government entities or larger non-profits have contracted with Dr. Reinhold to offer executive coaching for their high potential employees who are being groomed for promotions, who are just coming on board, or who are trying to improve their performance in some aspect of their job. The reason organizations so often use executive coaches is that research says very clearly that individuals who have been “coached” simply do much better work and are thus more valuable to their employers. In those cases, the organization pays for the coaching, and is the actual “client.”

But that’s not the only way for executive coaching to happen!  Barbara Reinhold also offers executive coaching for ambitious women and men who want to enhance their performance, position themselves for promotions, or arrange for greater visibility in their fields, and who are willing to invest in their own careers. Companies are pretty tight-fisted when it comes to handing our executive coaching opportunities—and thus there are many talented folks who just aren’t high enough up the ladder (YET) to qualify for one of these perks. But who could be moving up that ladder much faster if they had a savvy advisor helping them, somebody who was working for them, rather than for the company.

That’s where Dr. Barbara Reinhold can help. Let her work with you to figure out how to manage your career even more successfully, how to maximize opportunities and dodge obstacles, and how to get the positive reputation and “promotability” you deserve.

Call or email Barbara today to talk about just how her experience with all kinds of organizations could help you get where you want to go faster. You’ll be surprised how affordable it can be on an individual basis. Your heightened success is worth it!